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Certifying your Aircraft

What is an Ultralight Aircraft?

Choosing your Homebuilt


Building Experimental Homebuilt aircraft and Ultralight Aircraft


Building homebuilt aircraft is extremely exciting. Less than 1/3 of 1% have ever done it.

It's not as difficult as many imagine, and can be fairly simple if building a ultralight.

Being successful depends on having the information available to get the big picture

from the start. Here are the important things to consider.

  • Do the research and be realistic in choosing your homebuilt aircraft

  • Do the research and be realistic about equipping your aircraft

  • Get help and information to understand the FAA regulations, requirements
     and paperwork from the start concerning experimental aircraft
    (this can save much time and frustration)

  • Think ahead about how, when and where you will base and fly your new machine

  • Learn as much as you can about maintenance and safety

After observing aircraft builders you realize, there are two types of builders of experimental  

aircraft, flyer-builders and builder-flyers, and there are some caught in the middle.


Flyer-builders are more likely to be pilots that decide to build homebuilt aircraft.

Often the reason for building a plane is that the plane they want to fly can only

be built, not bought,  Building a plane is there way to enjoy flying more.


Flyer-builders are the majority of the homebuilt aircraft builders. They tend to mostly build kits and a

quickbuild kit might be just the ticket to get them into the air faster in their dream machine.


The flyer-builders come to the thought of building a plane more as a flyer wanting
their own plane.


Builder-flyers are a different bunch. They are in the minority among the builders of airplanes, and their motives for building are different. They love to build things.


They may be pilots who have built a plane before, flew it and want to build another because they loved building planes so much. They may have never flown a plane but decided to build one because building experimental aircraft sounds like as much fun as flying and they will learn to fly as the plane is completed.


 Once they have finished their experimental aircraft and flown it, builder flyers tend to be the ones that want to build another one, because they miss running their own little aircraft company.


The builder-flyer comes to the thought of building homebuilt aircraft more as having a burning desire to
build something (homebuilt aircraft)


Some take to the air from dreams of flying, others from dreams of building  aircraft



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